Satisfied Clients

“I can not say enough about Stacy and how she has helped me not only during my rebrand, but to grow my Pinterest following and my overall traffic. We started with a brand new Pinterest account which has grown to 10,000 followers within a short eight months. My rebranded blog launched at the end of July and by December I was hitting up to 600,000 page views per month, which quite frankly is mind boggling since my blog is still so young! I love that with her methods, I can “set it and forget it” allowing me to spend most of my time creating NEW content instead of worrying about scheduling my older content over and over again. I am not paying for any other kind of management or blog advertising – not Facebook ads, Pinterest ads or Google ads of any kind. I attribute much of my new blog’s success to Stacy’s superb Pinterest skills, which I can highly recommend! Thank you Stacy! ” – Client #1

“Simply put, Stacy knows what she is doing. Her simple to implement tips and tricks took my Pinterest from a place where I seemed to only be losing time to a profitable traffic driving machine. In the first month alone, I gained nearly 1000 organic followers and doubled Pinterest traffic to my website. Even more amazing? I now spend less time on Pinterest than before. All of this from just two simple tips. If you’re looking for a big change in your stats I suggest you jump right in! You won’t regret it.” – Client #2