About Us

“From Six Dollars to Six Figures” isn’t just a string of words around here or the tagline on our main property, Six Dollar Family. Around here, those words have meaning and heart that reflect what Six Dollar Media is about – Hope, reliance, strength and a never give up attitude.

Six Dollar Media, Inc. and her sister properties are owned and managed by Stacy Ott. Stacy would describe herself as a workaholic who loves to learn, loves to try new things and is always looking to improve herself not only in business, but in her personal life as well. After spending 10 months in a homeless shelter with her (then) 5-year-old daughter, Stacy knew that she needed to pick herself up, dust her legs off and run as hard as she could toward the dreams that she had. Little did she know that the decisions made in that shelter would change not only her life, but the lives of millions of blog readers over the next six years. Stacy and her daughter entered the homeless shelter with only six dollars to their name.  It took five years to fully see her dreams begin to happen, but today, Six Dollar Media compasses everything that those words, “six dollars to six figures” ever possibly could.

Using the same tricks and methods that we offer manage our clients with, Stacy built her family from six dollars to six figures in six years. She would love to help you do the same.

For more information on how Stacy and her team can help you, check out our properties page or contact us! Ready to jump right in and take your blog or business to the next level. We can help! Our team of specially trained virtual assistants, social media managers and freelance writers are just what you need to ramp up views, sales and your business as a whole!